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Qinling Mountains

Qinling Mountains span over 1,500 km long, and ten to 200,000 or 300,000 km wide from south to north. They are majestic and grandiose. Qinling Mountains, in the narrow sense, refer to the middle section of the Qinling Range, a portion of the every mountain in central Shaanxi province.

Mount Taibai, at an elevation of 3,767 m, is the highest peak of Qinling Mountains. It has been a famous mount since ancient times. Snow-capped Taibai peak in June is one of the eight renowned Chang'an (today's Xi'an) sights. Another high mountain in Qinling, Mount Huashan, though only about 2,000 m high, is very precipitous. Hence comes the famous saying, "there is no way to Mount Huashan except a precipitious path" and "the steepest mount in China". The five peaks, namely East Peak, West Peak, North Peak and Middle Peak, stand like a five-petal plum flower in full blossom, adding unique and charming scenery to Mount Huashan.

Qinling Mountains stand like a huge wall blocking the wind in the hinterland of China. In winter, they stop the northwest wind from blowing southward, reducing the cold waves influence on the south of China; in summer, they intercept the vapor brought by the southeast wind, reducing precipitation in the north areas. Therfore, Qinling Mountains serve as a natural dividing line between the drainage areas of Yangtze River and Yellow River.

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